This chart, from, shows the monthly climatologic averages for Myrtle Beach. 

For daily averages please click on the month and you will be directed to the appropriate web page at

Myrtle Beach Monthly Weather Chart:

MonthAvg HighAvg LowMeanAvg PrecipRecord HighRecord Low
Jan57°F34°F46°F4.72 in.83°F (1957)4°F (1985)
Feb61°F37°F49°F3.45 in.85°F (1930)11°F (1936)
Mar68°F44°F56°F4.07 in.94°F (1935)12°F (1980)
Apr75°F50°F63°F3.10 in.96°F (2002)22°F (1983)
May82°F59°F71°F4.26 in.101°F (1938)35°F (1963)
Jun88°F67°F77°F4.74 in.106°F (1954)42°F (1988)
Jul91°F71°F81°F6.70 in.104°F (2005)51°F (1933)
Aug89°F70°F80°F6.76 in.106°F (1954)55°F (1986)
Sep85°F65°F75°F5.86 in.102°F (1944)45°F (1995)
Oct76°F53°F64°F3.25 in.98°F (1954)27°F (1952)
Nov69°F44°F56°?F2.74 in.89°F (1961)16°F (1950)
Dec60°F37°F48°F3.62 in.84°F (1943)8°F (1989)
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